Professional and Managed Services

Everyone agrees on one thing: The mobile ecosystem is complex and littered with a continually evolving proliferation of proprietary networks, devices, operating systems, web browsers, content formats, messaging formats and data protocols. Keeping up can be a costly, daunting effort.

What matters most to an enterprise is to focus on delivering the best content and services required to meet its objectives — regardless of device — and not the myriad nuances of how to deliver them.

The how is what we are really good at.
Creative, Development and Managed Services

Services Provided

Creative and Professional Services

  • Turnkey: Complete solution from design and development to ongoing hosting, management
  • Deep experience in designing, deploying web, mobile web and responsive sites
  • Software implementation, integration and customization
  • Expertise across a broad range of web and mobile technologies such as HTML5/CSS3, social media services, messaging, mobile video encoding and delivery, analytics, advertising

Managed Services

  • Cloud hosting, site management, monitoring, redundancy, backups
  • Multimedia (pictures, video, audio) content management and delivery (streaming) services
  • Support for low-end devices with device detection, mgmt of database with 25K+ mobile device profiles
  • Mobile Advertising: Integration with third party mobile advertising networks
  • Mobile Analytics: Integration with 3rd party analytics packages, e.g. Omniture, Google Analytics
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Branded short-URL service