netomat Mobility Server

netomat Mobility Server offers a comprehensive solution and state-of-the-art technology which enable organizations to publish rich websites and deliver an exceptional user experience across thousands of mobile device models.

Mobility Server MSAdmin Interface

With netomat Mobility Server, customers also gain significant cost savings and the peace of mind that comes with not having to keep up with the latest mobile devices, device capabilities, mobile browser advances, etc. that would otherwise require a team of employees constantly tweaking, updating, testing and deploying changes to their mobile sites.

Mobility Server can be deployed in one of two ways: as a fully managed, hosted solution by netomat or as an in-house installable license through our partner Oracle as part of their Webcenter Sites suite of products. More details on that offering can be found here.

Key Benefits

  • Provide rich multimedia websites, brands, content channels to mobile users with minimal effort, expense, ongoing maintenance
  • Deliver your sites dynamically optimized for viewing on thousands of different mobile device models
  • Offer powerful and timely location-based services
  • Integrate social media capabilities to link your users to their professional and social circles
  • Build a world-class user experience that exploits the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3

Key Features

  • Device Optimization:
    • Mobility Server’s comprehensive mobile device database enable dynamic optimization of user experience for each handset
    • Device database regularly updated as new devices come to market
  • Delivery Optimization:
    • Output optimized for display speed and unreliable bandwidth
    • Caching of resized media for quick display
  • Image Optimization:
    • Dynamic resizing of images for screen resolution and fastest load times
    • Smart cropping of images for devices
    • Links generated to original images
  • Experience Optimization:
    • Unsupported elements automatically removed
    • Option to revert to full web site on suitable devices
    • Offline access possible for newer devices supporting HTML5
    • Automatic pagination based on device capabilities
    • Detection and redirection of mobile devices can be added to organization home page
    • Dynamic Navigation Elements: Intelligent handling of nested menus
  • Content Syndication: RSS and ATOM feed content incorporated into site
  • Mobile Advertising: Integration with major Mobile Ad Serving networks
  • Mobile Analytics Reporting: Integrate third party analytics services such as Omniture, Google
  • Social Media Support
    • Commenting, Bookmarking, Favoriting, Rating
    • Send Recommendations directly to mobile phone
    • Mobile Polling
    • Integrate with Twitter, Facebook and other social media services
  • Location-based Services
    • Leverage mobile device GPS capabilities to enable users to “Search Nearby” and to recommend services close by
    • Include interactive maps, directions
    • Integrate sponsored recommendations
  • User Personalization
    • Enable users to customize their mobile site, home page, content
    • User Authentication: Ability to work with wide range of login mechanisms
    • Integrate notifications of new updates, recommendations, comments
    • Subscribe to content channels or send specific content to phone while browsing website (requires netomat Messaging Gateway)