netomat MediaHub Video Server

Dynamic Video Content Creation, Management and Delivery Platform for Mobile and Web

netomat MediaHub enables enterprises to acquire, transform, manage and stream video seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices. MediaHub also enables enterprises to offer user-generated video services and community and social media tools for discovery, ranking and sharing of video. MediaHub is offered as a fully managed, hosted service.


The Case for MediaHub

Usage of online video, and mobile video in particular, is exploding worldwide. The presence of video within a website as stand-alone media or even as a lightweight background animation on a page in lieu of a hi-res image is becoming more commonplace.

As video content creation and consumption proliferate, enterprises need a comprehensive solution to:

  1. Easily acquire video content from a proliferation of different sources and devices.
  2. Manage video content received in myriad formats and dynamically transform them for viewing on web and mobile.
  3. Seamlessly deliver that content via download or stream to users on web and mobile devices around the world.
  4. Offer community tools to enable end-users to post, manage, share, rate and comment on videos.
  5. Monetize that content and community with integrated advertising.

MediaHub is a powerful, patent-pending, market-tested Video Content Management Platform for enterprises that delivers all of the above in one comprehensive package. Using MediaHub, enterprises can deliver a turnkey video management solution fully integrated with their web content management system.

Key Benefits

  • Single, Integrated Platform for Web, Mobile and UGC Video
    • Lower cost of ownership
    • Lower cost of ongoing maintenance and support
  • Provide highly personalized user experience on mobile and web
    • Offer rich interactivity and stickiness with social media and community tools
  • Create new video applications, campaigns and content using innovative “mash-up” technology
    • Allow user-generated video to be strategically, profitably integrated into brand content
  • Increase revenue through targeted, “real-time” image, text, or video-based ad placement

Key Features

  • Distributed, cloud-based architecture enables rapid scalability
    • Support for edge computing and content delivery
  • Video encoding/ transcoding server for web and mobile
    • Support for over 100 different video and audio codecs
  • Video Delivery and Streaming Server
    • Web video player with streaming
    • Mobile streaming to 3G devices; Mobile downloads
  • Device detection and optimized delivery supporting 2,000+ mobile devices
  • User-generated video support
  • Social media support
    • Profiles, tagging, rating, sharing, commenting, favoriting, etc.
    • Embed videos into other social networks
  • Search and meta-tagging
  • New, groundbreaking real-time “Video Mash-up” technology
    • Integrate pre-roll, post-roll, mid-roll and in-video contextual advertising
    • Create new video products and campaigns integrating branded and user-generated content